Mother of God Monastery in Watertown, South Dakota


Mother of God Monastery is a community of 50 Benedictine women in Watertown, South Dakota. With rural roots and pioneering vision, the Sisters strive for a balanced life of prayer, work, study, and leisure. Open to the Spirit and with listening hearts, the Sisters invite others to share in their community life, by ministering to God’s people, by reverent stewardship of creation, and by bringing Gospel values into a multi-cultural world. The Sisters extend their ministries beyond the monastery in parishes, schools, independent and assisted living facilities, the Benedictine Multi-Cultural Center, and Native American reservations.

We invite you to explore more about Mother of God Monastery here: Mother of God Monastery Website.

We invite you to watch the short video below to learn about the history, charism, and mission of Mother of God Monastery:

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Address | 110 28th Ave. SE, #60
Watertown, SD 57201
Phone | 1-605-886-4159
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