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The Benedictine Sisters of Boerne are monastic women committed to community and a life of work and prayer, located in the heart of Boerne, TX. Their Benedictine Spirituality is built upon timeless traditions and Gospel values that include: Peace, Community, Listening, Hospitality, Prayer, Balance, and Stewardship. They are called to seek God in community and to respond in ministry through sharing their spirituality and addressing the needs of the people they serve, especially the poor. The Sisters extend their ministries beyond the monastery at The Omega Retreat Center, The Health and Wholeness Center, Sisters’ Attic Thrift Store, Corporate Responsibility Program, and Caridid de Corazón.

The Benedictine Sisters of Boerne, TX established a sponsored ministry on the Texas/Mexico border in 2000. This ministry known as Caridad de Corazón or Charity from the Heart, has become a life changing program for folks on both sides of the border. A Passport is required when going into Mexico for mission work.

Weekly Monastic Schedule


  • 8:00 AM | Morning prayer
  • 11:50 AM | Mid-day prayer
  • 11:30 AM Wednesday | Eucharistic liturgy
    8:00 AM Thursday | Eucharistic liturgy
  • 5:00 PM | Evening prayer followed by Dinner


  • 10:00 AM | Morning prayer
  • 5:00 PM | Evening prayer followed by Dinner


  • 10:15 AM | Morning prayer

Volunteer Opportunities

Explore volunteer opportunities available at St. Scholastica Monastery by viewing: St. Scholastic Monastery Volunteer Opportunities. Each woman is individually matched with opportunities that best match her unique gifts and desires to serve in:

  • Building and Repairing Homes
  • Food Preparation and Distribution
  • Hospitality to Missionaries
  • Liturgy and Music
  • Orphanage Assistance
  • Photography
  • Prison Ministry
  • Texas-Mexico Border Immersion
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Sister Ursula Herrera

For more information about volunteer opportunities offered at St. Scholastica Monastery, please contact Volunteer Site Coordinator, Sister Ursula Herrera at 830.776.1040 or




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