20 Week Vocational Discernment Series

“I invite you to hear God’s voice resounding in your heart through the breath of the Holy Spirit…undertake a journey of discernment to discover God’s plan in your life. Even when the journey is uncertain and you fall, God, rich in mercy, will extend his hand to pick you up.”

–Pope Francis, Letter of His Holiness Pope Francis to Young People on the Occasion of the Presentation of the Preparatory Document of the 15th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops

On January 13, 2017, Pope Francis wrote a letter to young people of the Church announcing that the October 2018 Synod of Bishops will address the theme, “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.” We are so excited and enthused by the contents of this document, especially the ‘compass’ it can offer to young people today.

We invite you to read Pope Francis’s letter here.
We also invite you to read the Synod’s preparatory document here.

We are so excited and enthused by the contents of this document, especially the ‘compass’ it can offer to young people today.

Inspired by and in response to The Synod of Bishop’s “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment” Preparatory Document, Benedictine Volunteers is launching a Benedictine Volunteers 20-week Vocational Discernment Series. The aim of this series is to invite others to explore and engage with a personal reflection of their own vocational discernment journeys. Each week, we will break open the preparatory document and suggest a discernment topic to explore and pray with. We introduce the series as a 20-week journey of discernment and invite you to read Pope Francis’ letter and the preparatory document as we prepare for the next 19 weeks unfolding.

Week 1 – Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment: An Introduction
Week 2 – Calling: Awakening to the Mystery with Brave Response
Week 3 – The Gift of Baptism: Receiving God’s Grace
Week 4 – Allowing the Soul to be Shepherded: Setting Aside Our Own Mental Framework
Week 5 – Come & See: Discipleship as Friendship
Week 6 – Living the Good News of the Gospel: Scripture as a Guide
Week 7 – Interculturation of the Gospels: Listening for the Signs of the Times
Week 8 – Persons of Reference: Faith Role Models in the Church
Week 9 – The Call of our Talents: Sharing My Personal Gifts with Others
Week 10 – A Community of Service: Working Together Towards a Common Purpose
Week 11 – Social Innovation & Creativity: Making the World a Better Place
Week 12 – A New Generation: Globalization & Multiculturalism
Week 13 – The Gift of Faith: Seeing Things as Jesus Does
Week 14 – The Gift of Discernment: A Path Towards Fullness of Life
Week 15 – Choices: Making Decisions Midst a Variety of Options
Week 16 – A Process of Discernment: Recognize, Interpret, Choose
Week 17 – Recognize: Becoming an Observer of Life’s Happenings
Week 18 – Interpret: Understanding Where the Spirit is Calling Me
Week 19 – Choose: Exercising My Authentic Human Freedom & Personal Responsibility
Week 20 – Accompaniment: Walking in the Joy of a Collaborative Journey