We offer on-going support to our volunteers and want them to have a positive experience during their time of service. Volunteers have access to the following benefits during the time with us:

  • Financial Benefits: Room and board is provided. Volunteers also receive a $150 stipend per month. The possibility of student loan deferment is handled on an individual basis.

  • Orientation & Training: Volunteers receive orientation to the monastic community and to the discernment program. Volunteers also receive orientation and training at their work site/s prior to beginning their time of service. Each volunteer will continue to have access to on-going support throughout their time of service.

  • Spiritual Enrichment: Volunteers participate in a Discernment Program that is interwoven into their time of service including lectio divina, discernment weekends, monthly spiritual, and other spiritual enrichment opportunities free of cost. At the end of their time of service, volunteers will have a clearer sense of God’s call in their life and the social, organizational, and spiritual tools to go forth in living their life’s purpose.

  • Professional Development: Volunteers receive mentorship from a wide range of professionals during their time of service. At the end of their time of service, volunteers will have access to good references for future endeavors such as internships, employment, graduate school, and post-graduate school.


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