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“The discernment program has been so life-changing for me. I thought I knew everything there was to know about hearing God’s call. I was ready to hear it and waiting and waiting. But then I found it written on my heart. For so long, I thought that my heart’s desires should be given up and offered as a sacrifice to God. But I discovered that these desires are deep within me and unshakable, undeniably mine – written by God especially for each of us and our unique gifts. God is Love. He wants us to do what will bring us closer to Him, and by doing what truly fulfills us, it brings others closer to Him too.”

Natalie Brown, Volunteer Alumna

“Benedictine Volunteers helped me refine my understanding of call. During my time of service, prayer, discernment, and daily life with the Sisters, I experienced many different aspects of calling. The variety of work placements helped me better understand where my skills, interests, and the needs of the world intersect. While I am open to all the paths God may choose for me, I know that whatever the path, it will be one to which I am uniquely suited, and where my gifts will meet with the needs of the world.”

Molly Trainor, Volunteer Alumna